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About Us

Our CEO, Josh Yang, is a friendly and humorous guy!  He has made music videos and took professional photography for many famous celebrities.   He can make anybody a celebrity of their own with his passion for wedding or fashion photography. 



JYP Photography is a high quality & high definition wedding photography and videography company servicing Santa Babara, Los Angeles, Orange County and San Diego specializing in filming and editing for beach and traditional weddings.


As magnificent as your wedding will be, it is true that it will pass you by in a flurry of hugs, kisses, tears and laughter.  A day filled with words of wisdom and encouragement. A day this precious must be captured on photo and video to assure it can be treasured for always.

Give yourselves the best wedding gift ever, a professionally produced photo and video of the day you begin your lives together.


JYP Photography produced hundreds of wedding photo and films since 2002.  Each of our team members are employees of our company and brings his or her unique gifts to our crew.

JPY Photography focuses on creating rich textured wedding photo and films for our discerning clients.  Our style places the blissful couple at center stage while capturing the intimacy and the ambience that surrounds them on their wedding day.

As a creative team, we are constantly seeking those incredible moments where background and subject connect to tell your unique story.  As human beings we are striving to capture those precious moments of simple humanity when emotions and nuance dance. 

As producers, we are resolved to achieving technical excellence by conquering each element simultaneously.   It is our pleasure to capture a wedding celebration. It is our release, our passion and purpose.


We would love to talk about your wedding with you.n If not about our services, then to offer you advise or make a suggestion.  Feel free to contact our studio today.


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